Principal Message


Dear Parent's, 
I take this opportunity to reflect on the present status in various area and to share with you some of my idea, dreams and future plans. Our focus is to provide quality academic educational services and carry every child on the road to success and collectively raise their level of achievement and excellence.

Our vision is to create an ambiance that will not only motivate educate our student but eventually turn them into confident and successful citizens of the future. Educational leadership and scholarly achievement is the mission of Rameshwar Das Singhal Public School Secondary School. Strong introduction, it has involved and in thriving since its establishment. We are as eager as you are for your children to find satisfaction in school and with your constant support and involvement success is guaranteed.

The motto of our school "Believe in yourself” conveys rightly that the level of our student’s confidence must be raised to an extent where we believe the unbelievable.

Mr. Praveen Kumar Gautam